Salient features of the program

For all neonatologists and pediatricians working in neonatal units, ‘Horizon’ aims to create a platform to discuss how evidence can meet practice.

How is Horizon different?

There are many excellent CME programs being conducted everywhere in the country. However, generally it has been felt that either the solutions discussed are not available in India or Indian children have not been subjects in those studies and hence we do not know whether those interventions will work.

To address this gap, NCRI has initiated HORIZON, which will be an annual event where the researchers

-Will put forward the latest Evidence in their field of expertise
-Will also have discussions with Indian counterparts to propose future collaborative research

What other benefits will the young neonatologist have?

Apart from an opportunity to interact with some of the well known researchers in neonatology, the first day will focus on day to day problems and how to move from guidelines to practice. The sessions will be case based discussions to provide answers to questions faced in our daily practice.

This year there is an unique opportunity to understand what is Academic Neonatology and apply for a “Bangalore – London” research post which was specifically created to give an opportunity to our young neonatologists to participate in research while working.

Because of the above reasons, neonatologists interested in discussions on evidence based medicine and research programs are invited to participate in this CME. NCRI would like to create a platform through NNF Karnataka to conduct research projects. Bodies interested to sponsor research programs to develop local solutions for India in the field of Neonatology are also invited.

Horizon Videos: