Infection control

This department is dedicated to support the NCRI’s mission to provide healthy neonatal care by reducing the risk of transmitting infections. Along with taking precautionary measures for infection control and prevention, this department continually seeks ways to reduce the risk of infection.
In India, there have been lots of studies to show that infection is one of the leading cause of deaths, preterm birth and other complications for both mother and baby. Due to various reasons such as ignorance, carelessness and late diagnosis, such problem puts mother and the fetal at very high risk. Therefore, our infection control department is guided by international standard of practical guidelines for infection control in healthcare. As NCRI highly believes on the round-table discussion between experts, our team of doctors audit the problem, go to the depth to find the root cause to prevent it in future. This will help for the better treatment of the patient along with a contribution to the field of infection control.

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